Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How's your father

My friend makes a return trip to his native South Africa and see's some old friends. He's just had a bad break-up and he's in the midst of a perfect storm of booze and narcotics. How he didn't die during this period is still a mystery to the finest medical minds of our generation.

On one night out, he got particularly drunk, and woke up in bed. He was butt naked, save for his socks. This apparently is quite normal for him. Until he turns over and see's he is not in his bed and he is not alone. This could take a very homo-erotic turn but unfortunately not. So he had obviously had sex with a girl he doesn't really remember (on that point, who has sex in their socks???, seriously???).

He wakes up and walks to the toilet. Wanders out of the toilet and walks straight into this lovely young ladies  Father. Unfortunately, he hasn't bothered to put any clothes on. There is a moment there, just pure silence, before my friend backs into the toilet and slowly closes the door. Waits it out 5 minutes and then runs to the girls room.

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