Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Being deported from Australia

The story that got me thinking that this needs to be posted somewhere.

I met a German girl (well... woman really) while working for a cafe in Melbourne, who had been deported from Australia once already for staying here on a student visa. She managed to get back into Australia on a tourist visa, which meant she wasn't allowed to work. This of course did not stop her working for a woman who had no time for petty issues such as 'employee tax' or 'visa's'.

My friend decided it would be good to take a break from Oz and see the wonderful land of orcs and hobbits that is New Zealand. She then met a lovely young fellow who lived in Australia. And so, she returned to Oz specifically for what she described as a 'serious sex visit'.

At which point, she was stopped by the authorities on her re-entry into the country. They took her to one side, and investigated her phone where they discovered info on her illegally working on a tourist visa.

But that's not all they discovered.

As this was a 'sex trip', she informed me that she had some 'serious sex toys' on her persons, which of course were searched.

Here is a selection of things to be pulled out of her hand luggage. Cock ring, dildo, large dildo, another even larger dildo, followed by a whip, followed by a number of other things that might embarass even the most proud S & M fans. All the while, being watched by the border security staff.

This, simply, was brilliant!

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